Togo – The Best West African Country

Are you planning to visit Togo soon?

This is a letter of a British tourist who has recently visited Lome, the capital of Togo, relating his experience:

I have just returned from a short vacation in Togo and having never travelled to your country before I did not know quite what to expect. I have travelled quite extensively in Africa, north, east and west and after the experience I have enjoyed over the past few days in Lome felt moved to write you a short note to say a huge thank you. From the moment I arrived in the beautiful new terminal building in Lome I received nothing but smiles from the exceedingly helpful immigration officials – this is not always the reception for a caucasian in West Africa.  Likewise, everybody I met in the city or on the beach greeted me with a smile and “hello” (bonjour/bonsoir) – as for the beach it is simply fantastic as is the happy atmosphere with everybody seeming to be having a good time. Lome is a great city and great place to visit and you should be extremely proud of your country, its capital and most of all its people – thank you so much to the people of Lome for making my stay so memorable – quite often my visits to West Africa have been memorable, but for all the wrong reasons the Togo welcome sets the tone – it is simply the best West African country I have visited by a very long way.

Jeremy Townsend, United Kingdom

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