Prime Minister Komi Selom Klassou presided on Friday the inauguration ceremony of the 77 members of the Togolese High Council for Foreign Affairs (HCTE)

It is obvious that no nation can build itself and ensure its fulfillment if it does not associate all its daughters and sons with the management of the common thing. This is why the Togolese government, in its various strategic plans, has always favored the consideration of the concerns of the Diaspora as one of its priorities, “he said.

For his part, Foreign Minister Robert Dussey emphasized that the ceremony was a symbol of renewed trust between the motherland and its sons, who, for various reasons, live abroad.

A reaffirmation of the close bond between our country and its Diaspora, an opportunity that reiterates our feeling of belonging to the same national community, hammered the head of diplomacy who piloted the installation of the HCTE.

This apolitical High Council aims to unite the Diaspora around national development ambitions.

Its elected members represent about 1.5 million Togolese living in 53 countries, in Africa, Europe, North America and elsewhere in the world.

The HCTE will be a means to directly involve the Diaspora in the development of Togo, but also to be a link between various associations often disorganized and therefore not audible.