Business-Friendly Environment



Customs Administration

Togo has established a Single Window system for customs administration as well as paperless trade processes in order to boost cross-border and international trade.


Commercial Justice 

Besides the “Court of Arbitration and Conciliation of Togo” (CATO) with its newly established alternative measures for commercial disputes settlement, the Togolese Government has modernised the judiciary system which resulted in improved commercial justice environment along with speedy and more efficient procedures. These measures make it easier for businesses to cope with their commercial cases, thereby increasing investor confidence.


Modernising government systems

The efforts of the Government also include the modernisation of its systems so as to reduce bureaucracy, increase transparency and lower administrative costs to both businesses and Government.

It is worth noting that in almost every area, Togo has enhanced operating conditions for private entreprises, removed several obstacles to domestic and foreign investment, thus becoming an attractive investment destination.