In addition to the reforms made in the area of ​​trade to stimulate and protect foreign investment, the efforts of the Government of Togo are focused on:

  • Further structural reforms recommended by the Strategy for Accelerated Growth and Employment Promotion (SCAPE), particularly in the area of state resources management
  • Accelerating the implementation of PNIASA, baseline agricultural strategy which should contribute to theadvanced mechanization of agriculture and processing of agricultural produce locally
  • Strengthening of road infrastructure, including the rehabilitation of the Trunk road No 1 and secondary roads as well as feeder roads for the transport of the agricultural produce
  • Creation of local agro-processing units
  • The hinterland railway line and new dry port terminal construction project
  • The 5,000 lodgings building project, to relieve the population in housing
  • Rehabilitation of public hotels and construction of new four and five stars’ hotels by 2030
  • Rehabilitation of Fazao and Keran national parks, and development of museums and tourist sitessuch as the slaves house of Agbodrafo, Koutammakou site in Keran prefecture etc.)